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Fitz 34


Fitz 34 "Sunny Daze"

Launched 1988

Repowered in 1999 with single Cummins 450

Sunny Daze is hull #3 of the 24 Fitz 34s built to date. The present Cummins 450 hp engine is the third repower and cruises 20 to 22 knots with a top speed of 26 knots. It is reported to use only 1 gallon of fuel for every 2 miles traveled. This very active local charter vessel has been used almost daily since launched in 1988

Taking advantage of advanced building methods and the use of composite materials, more recent versions of the Fitz 34, similary powered are some what faster and a little more economical to operate.

Most of the Fitz 34s have been powered with a single engine, however twin engines is an option.