About Michael Fitz and His Custom Boats

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I have been building sport fishing, charter fishing and dive vessels for over 30 years with the construction of more than 90 vessels 34'and 41’ as well as a number of “one off” design and scores of smaller boats. In recent years, building one boat at a time, I have had the opportunity to put a great deal of personal care and attention into the planning, lay out and construction of each vessel. They are all solidly constructed with hand laid bi-axial fiberglass and carefully laid out for low, easy maintenance, above and below deck.

The FITZ 34 and 41 Sport Fisherman reflects many years of design review and refinements, not only in hull form, but also in appearance and lay out. The result of these efforts is rugged, blue water sport fisherman that is pleasing to the eye while offering a comfortable ride and dry weather decks in most sea conditions. Both vessels are similar in design and based on a traditional hull form with a deep forefoot and sharp entry extending to modified vee in the aft sections. They plane effortlessly, are economical to operate and are quit fast even with moderate power.

Only employing several dedicated craftsman, we take pride in creating a vessel that is not only pleasing to the eye but will stand up to the daily use of the most demanding skipper. After all, ”it may not always be your boat but it will always be mine”.

You are invited to visit my facility and see first hand the efforts we put into the Fitz Sport Fishing vessels. They are available in at any stage of completion and can be constructed to specifications as required in 46 CFR Subchapter T, small Passengers vessels. Each vessel is constructed on a semi custom basis for the owner and individually priced depending on scope of the vessel. I will be pleased to discuss your options and work up a price quote.

Michael Fitz 2009